More MOTU News

Apparently the rights to the classic Filmation cartoons (including Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power) have been sold again. There isn’t much news about it yet, but hopefully the new owners will have the good sense to produce DVD sets of the old cartoons! has more news. I hope that DVDs are produced!

Shadowrun Craziness

So I’ve been playing in Michael’s Shadowrun game for a few months now and the longer it goes on, the more apparent it is that Michael spends *way* too much time thinking about it. I spent some time in the past week looking through some of our Fast Fax news emails (avalible on both Random Dialogue and High Programmer) and pulling out threads and what might maybe possibly be important information. I am finding the plot of this game interesting, but it’s far from my favorite game ever (to be fair, it far from my least favorite too).

Get She-Ra!

Ok, so it’s great that Mattel is making a She-Ra figure and it sucks that it’s a Comic Con exclusive. So wants everyone who wants a She-Ra figure, but is unable to make it to Comic Con (i.e. people like me) to call Mattel between Monday, March 29 and Wednesday, March 31. Tell Mattel that you really want a She-Ra, but can’t go to Comic Con, so you would like it if or other vendors could carry the figure at regular prices (around $8.00). If you are at all interested in this figure (or just want to be really really nice) please call Mattel! More information and stuff is at and the contact information for Mattel is at their website.

Spring Break

Obviously, not much has happened to me in the past few days. I’ve been on Spring Break and have been largely relaxing and playing video games and stuff. A high school teacher of mine, Joe Zaiman, was killed in a car accident the other day. He taught science (a subject I normally don’t enjoy) and was a really good teacher. Other than that, life has been pretty quiet. Michael got into the World of Warcraft Beta and is very excited. I guess he’ll not be paying much attention to me for a while. Oh well. I have plenty of things to amuse me!


Although the new Masters of the Universe line hasn’t been doing as well as Mattel hoped in the US, they are still making a new exclusive figure for Comic Con this summer (like they did last summer with a Keldor figure). Here’s the really exciting part: it’s She-Ra! A brand new, Four Horsemen designed figure of She-Ra! You can read about and see a picture on in the news post from March 8, 2004. This is very exciting! Now if only I could find a way to go to Comic Con…

Spring Break is Here!

I am done with school for a week! Yay! It will be so nice to have a break from classes for a little while. Now maybe I can work on my headache a little more under control again (it hasn’t been awful lately, but it hasn’t been good or consistant either). :)

New Links

I’ve added some new links to this page and Michael is starting on getting a quote file set up for me (there’s only one quote right now). Yay! I have a webpage again! :)


I had my last mid-term before Spring Break today. It was in World Religions and despite the fact that I leave class early every Tuesday to go to a lab, I think that it went fine. I’m very glad to be done with mid-terms for the moment. There are more after Spring Break, but the three I’ve had this week have been quite enough for the moment. I intend to just relax and do nothing this evening! :D

First Post

This is my first post!

Hi everybody! I have a website again! Yay!
Thanks Michael!