New Apartment

Michael and I have moved into a new apartment. Our cable got connected today, so I can post here. The new apartment is great! I’m happy to be here.

New book

There’s a new book out by David L. Hudson, Jr., a First Amendment Center research attorney. It’s about the first amendment rights of students. This is a big issue that gets kind of ignored these days. The biggest area of dispute about students’ first amendement right is censorship, which doesn’t seem to be a big focus of this book. Still, it looks pretty good and worth a look. Copies can be bought at the First Amendment Center website, and there is a PDF version there too.

To learn more about censorship and other first amendment issues concerning kids, check out kidSPEAK!.

New Pages!

Michael has set up a gallery for me. There is a new link on the sidebar. That is where links to other pages within the website will be posted. There aren’t any pictures in the gallery right now, but there will be soon! :)

The “Arr” Song

The “Arr” Song

These are the lyrics to a really cute song about pirates from the preschool show “The Book of Pooh”. At some point I’m hoping to make a page with a permanent link to these lyrics (and perhaps post a video clip of the song).

More Quotes

Well, I really don’t have much to say. I added some more quotes to the quote file, but that’s about it. Brian and Kat’s wedding was last Saturday and now we are all working on moving and stuff, so life is busy.

Gargoyles Fan Fic

I have been writing a Gargoyles story for quite some time (I’m not sure why, I guess inspiration just struck) and I updated it last night. It’s at