Paper Doll: Jill Sander Coat

I was reading the September Vogue today and noticed this great coat by Jill Sander. I wish I could afford it, but it’s over three thousand dollars! It is a great coat though. At least my paper doll can wear it! Unfotunately, the scanner somehow added smudges that aren’t on the drawing. Oh well.

Here it is:

Paper Doll: She-Ra, Princess of Power

I’m getting one of the new She-Ra figures! She was a Comic Con exclusive originally, but there was so much demand for her that Mattel let the He-Store at sell her! It’s very exciting!

Anyway, I’m so jazzed about it that I just *had* to draw the new She-Ra costume for my paper doll today! I forgot about her cape until I was almost finished, but otherwise this is drawn from the pictures of the figure that I found online. So here she is, the new version of the Princess of Power!

Paper Doll: Joy from Lamb

It’s been a few days since I managed to finish a drawing to post, but here it is!

A few days ago I finished the book “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” by Chrostopher Moore. It was wonderful. Incredibly funny and thought provoking. This is one of my favorite short passages:

The angel and I watched Star Wars for the second time on television last night, and I just had to ask. “You’ve been in God’s presence, right, Raziel?”
“Of course.”
“Do you think he sounds like James Earl Jones?”
“Who’s that?”
“Darth Vader.”
Raziel listened for a moment while Darth Vader threatened someone. “Sure, a little. He doesn’t breathe that heavy though.”
“And you’ve seen God’s face.”
“Is he black?”
“I’m not allowed to say.”
“He is, isn’t he? If he wasn’t you’d just say he wasn’t.”
“I’m not allowed to say.”
“He is.”
“He doesn’t wear a hat like that,” said Raziel.
“All I’m saying is no hat. That’s all I’m saying.”
“I knew it.”
“I don’t want to watch this anymore.” Raziel switched the channel. God (or someone who sounded like him) said, “This is CNN.”

So I decided to draw one of the outfits described in the book. This dress was worn by Joy (which is short for Tiny Feet of the Divine Dance of Joyous Orgasm, but that’s too long, so they call her just Joy). Joy is a chinese concubine who lives with one of the three kings. Anyway, she’s a woman who is sexy and totally deadly at the same time (and not in a creepy way). This dress is apparently just the kind of thing she wears around every day and since it sounded pretty, Idrew it. The chinese dragon isn’t perfect, but it’s not awful either. To use this as an actual paper doll dress you would have to cut along the slit in the skirt so that her right leg could peek out.

Here’s the dress.

Paper Doll: Adialana’s Ballgown and Mask

Adialana is my character in a current Forgotten Realms D&D campaign I’m playing. She had to attend a masked ball early on in the game (over a year ago now) and this was the dress that I designed for her. Since we had the first session again after a break yesterday, it seemed appropriate. The bodice is quilted and enhanced by pearls and the mask is adorned with peacock feathers.

It was supposed to get posted last night, but I unfortunately hit my head and was too woozy to finish and scan it. So here it is, a day late.

Here is Adialana’s Ballgown

Paper Doll: Delenn from Babylon 5

*Note to self: Never let fiance post to website.*

So, tonight we went over to some friends’ appartment and watched more of Babylon 5. Michael and I had never seen the show before, so about a year ago they decided to make us watch it. We are now almost through the final season. It’s a really good show. Anyway, I love Delenn’s costumes, so today I decided to draw one.

Here is the outfit:

Paper Doll: Agnes from David Copperfield

I’ve decided to copy Liana (I hope that’s ok? Let me know if it isn’t!) and try to do a paper doll of my own. It isn’t half as good as hers, but it will give me practice and be fun. So here is the doll and the first dress! I finished reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens today. My favorite character was Agnes, so this dress was something that I pictured her wearing.

Here is the paper doll. Hopefully she will have her own page by the end of the week so that she can be easily found later. I’ll put the dresses up there eventually too.

Here is the dress.

Paper Doll Weblog

I found a great weblog where the woman (Liana, who has had three cool paper doll websites in the past) posts a new paper doll outfit with every entry (a few a week). Her drawings are beautiful. I highly recomend checking it out.

Liana’s Weblog