Paper Doll: Adialana’s Adventuring Outfit

This outfit was supposed to be posted yesterday, but technical difficulties prevented it.

Anyway, this is another outfit from the closet of Adialana (my D&D character). This is her current adventuring garb. The cloak is one of a matching set that she had made for the Companions of the Purple Star and is magical. The broach at her hip was a gift from Fure, the cleric in the group, and (until Michael decided to randomly make it no longer magical) it used to cast cure light spells whenever she needed them. Anyway, she’s kind of a gypsy dancer, so this is her regular clothes. I like her clothes, I think that it’s likely that my paper doll is likely to get more of Adi’s clothes in the future.

Here is Adialana’s Adventuring Outfit:


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