Paper Dolls: The Incredibles

This is one of the supercool costumes from “The Incredibles”. The mask won’t actually attach to the paper doll because of the hair, but the costume had to have a mask.

Paper Doll: Natasha from War and Peace

I watched the movie of “War and Peace” the other day (the one with Audrey Hepburn). It is one of my favorite books and the movie is wonderful. Anyway, Natasha wears this beautiful ballgown at one point and I just fell in love with it. I had to draw it, but I didn’t get the sparkle to come out right.

So here is Natasha’s ballgown from “War and Peace”:

Another TV Snippet

Wow. I’ve been pretty productive in terms of website updates in the past few days! Today I have posted a new song under TV Snippets. It’s from an episode of “The House of Mouse” called “Ladies Night”. Not having Woozy here, which means that I can’t work on my usuall projets or post any paper doll outfits, seems to have let me spend time on the laptop working on website posts. Anyway, enjoy!

More New Stuff!

Ok, so I did more website work tonight. There are several new songs in “TV Snippets” and I added a page of lessons that I have learned from movies. They are fun and I’ll keep adding to that page as I see more movies. I hope you enjoy them!

New Stuff

I reorganized the site a little bit and added two new songs from The Book of Pooh. They are all on the “TV Snippets” page now (link on the side). Check them out! I have a few more and hopefully they will be added later tonight!


*sigh* I have several new paper doll outfits to post, but no computer to post them with. Woozy (my computer) is visiting Brian for a week to be fixed. I miss it. So at the end of the week, when Woozy comes home, I will have an outfit every day for several days! Yay!

And the book that Michael contributed to arrived! Check it out! Gaming Hacks

The Incredibles

We went to see “The Incredibles” yesterday and it was awesome. I absolutely loved it. Everything about it was great.

The lesson: Capes are bad.