D&D Santa: Bridles of Flying

Ever wonder how those reindeer fly? Here’s the answer!

Bridles of Flying

These bridles are leather and adorned with jingle bells. They allow the wearer to fly as if affected by the fly spell at will.

Faint transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Wonderous Item, Fly; Price 25,000 GP.

D&D Santa: Robe of Wintertime

Today’s item is something that we are all used to Santa wearing, but don’t think about much – his fuzzy red and white robe!

Robe of Wintertime

This robe keeps the wearer warm as if they were affected by the Endure Elements spell and resists cold damage. It also allows the wearer to ignore any affects from traveling across snow and ice including speed modifiers and slipping. The wearer still leaves tracks. The robe also has pockets large enough to carry all that could fit in a standard pack weightlessly. There are no spell failure risks with this robe.

Faint transmutation, CL 15th; Craft Wonderous Item, Endure Elements, Cat’s Grace, Leomind’s Secret Chest, Resist Energy; Price 17,500 gp, Weight 1 lb.

D&D Santa: Detect Worthiness

Michael got a stocking yesterday and he thinks it looks like Adventurer Santa. Obviously (given the robes, staff, spell component pouch and familiar carrier) Santa is a wizard. This got us talking about his spells and equiptment. I decided that as an entertaining little Christmas gift to the few people who read my weblog I would post one of these D&D items or spells a day until Christmas! To start things off I have a spell.

Detect Worthiness

Level: Clr 1, Sor/Wiz 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard round
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 Day
No Saving Throw
No Spell Resistance

This spell allows the caster to see if a person has been naughty or nice for the past year. When looked at, a naughty person appears to have a black aura around them while a nice person appears to have a white aura.

New TV Snippets

I’ve added three new TV Snippets. One piece from an episode of House of Mouse with advice every disney kid should listen have and two pieces from the Hercules TV show, a poem and a song.

Movie Lesson: The Two Towers

I added a new lesson from “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”. Don’t piss off the trees.

Note to Self

Ok, so apparently I’m supposed to tell Michael when I drop pizza on the floor and then serve it for dinner. Not that he won’t eat floor pizza, he just wants to know in advance that he is eating floor pizza.

In my own defense, the pizza lept out from under the pizza cutter and onto the floor and it wasn’t really my fault.


Just Finished: Dorothy – Return to Oz

I just finished the book “Dorothy – Return to Oz” by Thomas L. Tedrow. It was not very good. The characters were totally two-dimensional, the plot and the MESSAGE were way too heavy-handed, and there was little magic to the world of Oz (which didn’t appear until halfway through the book). The names were awful – “Ima Witch”, “Ura Wizard” and “Itsa Dragon”. It just felt like a heavy-handed morality play for children who obviously wouldn’t get anything unless they are hit over the head with it (the jokes were all explained, even the names were explained in case you didn’t get them). The characters, world and even the flavor bore little resemblance to those from the original books (dispite the author saying he loved them as a kid) or from the 1939 MGM movie (which the book obviously wanted to be a sequel to). I kept wondering if the author had seen the movie recently, or spoken to a child ever!

Paper Doll: Erika from The Princess and the Pauper

This is a great dress from the recent Barbie movie, The Princess and the Pauper. It’s the dress that the pauper, Erika wears. She is a seamstress. Maybe that explains why a pauper has such elaborate dresses. Maybe. Anyway, the movie is cute and I really liked this dress, so I drew it.

Lord of the Rings Lessons

We watched “The Fellowship of the Ring” again tonight and I learned a new lesson from it (which has been added to the Movie Lessons page). Don’t let hobbits touch anything.