Just Finished: Dorothy – Return to Oz

I just finished the book “Dorothy – Return to Oz” by Thomas L. Tedrow. It was not very good. The characters were totally two-dimensional, the plot and the MESSAGE were way too heavy-handed, and there was little magic to the world of Oz (which didn’t appear until halfway through the book). The names were awful – “Ima Witch”, “Ura Wizard” and “Itsa Dragon”. It just felt like a heavy-handed morality play for children who obviously wouldn’t get anything unless they are hit over the head with it (the jokes were all explained, even the names were explained in case you didn’t get them). The characters, world and even the flavor bore little resemblance to those from the original books (dispite the author saying he loved them as a kid) or from the 1939 MGM movie (which the book obviously wanted to be a sequel to). I kept wondering if the author had seen the movie recently, or spoken to a child ever!

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