D&D Santa: Robe of Wintertime

Today’s item is something that we are all used to Santa wearing, but don’t think about much – his fuzzy red and white robe!

Robe of Wintertime

This robe keeps the wearer warm as if they were affected by the Endure Elements spell and resists cold damage. It also allows the wearer to ignore any affects from traveling across snow and ice including speed modifiers and slipping. The wearer still leaves tracks. The robe also has pockets large enough to carry all that could fit in a standard pack weightlessly. There are no spell failure risks with this robe.

Faint transmutation, CL 15th; Craft Wonderous Item, Endure Elements, Cat’s Grace, Leomind’s Secret Chest, Resist Energy; Price 17,500 gp, Weight 1 lb.

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