Finding Neverland

I saw the movie “Finding Neverland” the other night. It was really good. The characters were wonderfully well cast and well acted. I loved the costumes. The boy who played Peter was really good. And J. M. Barrie was perfect. I loved the movie. I highly recommend it!

New Page!

There is a new page on! It is where I’m going to be keeping my Pixel dolls. Check it out!

Three New Disney Dolls!

Three more dolls! Pocahontas and Nakoma, from Pocahontas and Cassandra from the Hercules cartoon.

Cinderella Doll

More new pixel dolls! Cinderella from the Disney animated version of the story.

I’m going to make a page for them soon.


Jasmine Pixel Dolls

I’ve been experimenting with pixel dolls again. Here are my latest results: two dolls of Jasmine from the Aladdin movies! The base is from Yume Studio