New Dolls!

I have several new dolls today! The first is a friend of mine’s character from an Amber game we were in a while back. Her name is Anges and she was such a cool character that I decided to doll her! I hope that’s ok, Kat! The second is Beauty from the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. She was sort of inspired by an illustration I found online for the story (artist unknown). The third doll is wearing the outfit that Brittany Miller of the Chippettes wore (from the 80s cartoon “Alvin and the Chipmunks”). I don’t know why I was in the mood to doll her, but I was. The fourth doll is wearing an Alexander McQueen fitted suit that I loved. It took forever to make, and I’m not entirely happy with the shading on the skirt, but the jacket is great! The fifth doll is Sara Crew from A Little Princess. I’m really proud of her. I think that she is adorable! The last is a Princess Bride Barbie.

Contest Entry: Snow White Bard

This doll has been entered in a contest at Ham Studio. The contest asked you to put your name or screen name into a program that gave you back a fairy tale character, a fantasy class (like D&D character classes) and a side (light or dark). Then you were asked to create a doll of the resulting character! I got Snow White as a light-side bard/dancer. This is the result!

New Contest – The Seven Wise Princesses

I’ve decided to host my first contest. The theme is “The Seven Wise Princesses” and details and rules can be found Here

Here is my example doll:

Contests Entered

I’ve entered some new contests:

Katrina was entered in a Disney Princess Contest at Eden Enchanted run by sleepylily

Venus was entered in a Goddess Contest at Diamond Flames

Desdemona was entered in a Shakespearean Characters Contest at Moon Child Dolls

A Gift!

I got a welcoming gift at Eden Enchanted from Nocturnica! Yay! Isn’t she cute? I created a page under “Pixel Dolls” for gifts! Yay!

Shakespeare Dolls

Four new dolls! The first three are the three witches from Macbeth. I know, they look nothing like the descriptions in the text, that is intentional. The designs were done with the idea that they look totally different (different ages, skin tones, everything) each time we see them. This would be one scene (possibly the first). The fourth doll is Desdemona from Othello, complete with the strawberry handkerchief.

Challange Doll: Rosepixie

This was made for an Alter-ego challange at Eden Enchanted on a base by Mumsy.

New Dolls: Jasmine and Alice

Two new Disney dolls! Jasmine in her totally-not-convincing disguise and Alice!

Gracie and iPods don’t Mix!

Today I took Gracie to visit Grandma. So I was driving, with Gracie, listening to my iPod. This was fine until we got to Middleton Village (where Grandma is). Gracie recognized where we were and imediately jumped into my lap. She was instantly tangled up in seat belts, me and the cord for the iPod headphones! And to make things even more fun, she was stepping on the iPod, so it was randomly changing songs, volume and pausing and unpausing. And she’s Gracie, so of course she was wiggling the whole time and making matters worse! It took a few minutes to untangle everything sufficiently so that I could open the door and we could go see Grandma! So today I learned that Gracie and iPods definately don’t mix!!

A Villian, A Princess and a Goddess

Today I’m adding a doll of Cinderella in her pink, homemade dress for the ball (before the stepsisters get to it), Cruella de Ville wearing an outfit from a costume sketch seen in “102 Dalmations” (the live action sequel to the live action version of the story), a doll inspired by the Botticelli 1483 painting “Venus and Mars”, and four new mini Barbie dolls.

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