New Dolls!

Several new dolls today! The first is Alice from American McGee’s game, but she’s awfully cute for the darkness of the game. Oh well. The second is Amneris in her opening costume from the musical “Aida”. I love this outfit and an relatively pleased with the doll. The third doll is wearing a gown from the 16th century that might have been worn by a woman in Bologna. I copied it from a very old color plate. The fourth doll is Katy Keene! Katy Keene, the Pin-Up Queen was a character in comics from the company that wrote Archie, but not in Archie’s world. She was a fashion model and usually had a paper doll in her magazines. There were lots of contests to get a fashion design published in one of Katy’s magazines. Some of the fan designs were pretty good. Anyway, I always loved Katy and so I made this doll of her in one of her swimsuits from a 1950′s paper doll of her. I think she turned out pretty well. Then I have a doll of Sarah from the movie “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court”, which wasn’t a very good movie, but had some really pretty costumes. I like her blue dress better, but had more pictures of this one. I like her hair, but not the veil. The last is another mini Barbie doll.

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