New Doll: Headaches Suck

I’ve been working on this doll for a while. It’s me when my headache is bad. And Michael suggested band-aids, so I added those. I think she’s cute, but she kinda makes me sad too.

New Stamp!

I bought a new stamp from Fractured Fairytales.

New Shop Order: Mary Mary

I bought these two cute dolls from Kiera’s Shop at Eden Enchanted. I asked for a doll of Mary from this nursery rhyme:
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.
They have been added to the Forum Goodies page.

New Shop Order: Goldilocks

I bought this cute doll from Tyrana’s Shop at Eden Enchanted. I asked for a doll of Goldilocks, however she wanted to depict her. This is the adorable doll she made for me! I love the little bear! She has been added to the Forum Goodies page.

The Last Two Wise Princesses!

Here are the last two princesses: Yaghma-Naz from China and Durr-Siti from Persia. I really like how both turned out. And now I have all seven princesses!

New Dolls and a Cricket!

Today I have several new dolls (I was on a fashion kick today) and some new pixel art! The first two dolls are both Lois Lane wearing two of the many wedding dresses that she has worn in comic books through the years! I like both and think the dolls, particularly the 1960′s one (the first one) turned out very well. The third doll is a Chanel dress that I really like. I think it turned out pretty well. The fourth is a fabulous Jill Sander dress that I really really want. It’s gorgeous and I really wish I could afford it! I like the doll. It really does resemble the dress. Then there is a doll of a great Missoni dress. I like the blue and gold combination, it looks good. The last fashion doll (I told you I was on a fashion kick tonight) is a great top and skirt from Proenza Schouler. My last doll today is a design that I did for a children’s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost that I costumed a few years ago. It is the princess. Finally I have some pixel art! It’s Charlie from Cricket Magazine! Isn’t he cute?

Another Two Princess Entires!

I recieved two more entries to the Seven Wise Princesses Contest! Be sure and look at them on the Contest Page!

Two New Princess Entries

There are two entries for the Seven Wise Princesses contest from Marie! Check them out on the Contest Page.

New Dolls!

Several new dolls today. The first is a dress by Akris. I like the textures on it. The second doll is Azaryun, the Moroccan princess from The Seven Wise Princesses. I really like how she turned out! She’s so pretty! The third doll is Ceridwen, a role playing character of mine from a very short-lived Alternity game. I really like her. Her outfit is great. The fourth doll is Jaquenetta from Love’s Labours Lost by William Shakespeare. It’s a design I created for a children’s production of the play a few years ago. The last doll is me! I actually own the cute outfit (I made it myself). I really like how she turned out. It’s my first self-portrait doll that has hair that actually resembles mine!

Famous Lovers Contest Ended

The Famous Lovers contest that I had entered has ended. The award is up on the Awards page and the doll of Natasha and Pierre is now adoptable from the Literary Characters page.

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