New Doll Stuff!

Today I have a new shop order of Adialana from Kae’s shop at Eden Enchanted. I think she’s adorable. I also have another doll inspired by Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. This doll is Fracnes Pevensey, a 16th centry female magician who was really only talked about in a footnote, but who intrigued me, so I made a doll of her.

Good Sites about Children’s Lit

I went looking for more resources of children’s book reviews today and came up with two very well done sites. I highly recommend them if you are interested in current children’s literature. They are and

Two new Shop Orders!

Two new dolls from gryphongrl’s Shop at Fractured Fairytales. The first is a doll inspired by a nursery rhyme from China (she can be seen on the Children’s Literature Requests page and the nursery rhyme can be read on the Children’s Literature page linked from there). The second doll was a mystery doll request. I think she is adorable and I love the puppy!

New Adi Doll

New Shop order! I got this amazing doll of Adialana from FairyFlo’s shop at Eden Enchanted. I love her so much! I think that she is just amazing!

I’ve also reorganized the Forum Goodies page so that children’s literature dolls have their own page and Adialana dolls have their own page. It makes things less cluttered and shows off the children’s lit and Adi dolls better.

New Contest Entry!

There is another new contest entry on the Contest Page for the Literary Ball Contest. This one is Jim from Treasure Island!

New Contest Entry!

Check out the Contest Page for a great new entry of Death from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

New Doll: Wendy!

Today I have a new stamp from Fractured Fairytales as well as a magic lamp (that I can’t figure out how to use – oh well!). I also have a new doll. It’s Wendy from Disney’s version of “Peter Pan”. I love Wendy. She’s one of the best literary and movie characters ever and I think that Disney did her really well. I just had to make a doll of her! I’ve entered her in Eden Enchanted’s Challenge 20: Movie Mania.

Poll Question

I found an interesting question today that was asked in political phone polls from 2000-2004. I would love to hear what people think. If you want, please answer the question in my comments. If I get enough answers, I might post later with the results. I think it’s an interesting question and would love to see what people think (and not just because of the Oz theme, that’s just how I found it).

Question: You live in the land of Oz, and the candidates are the Tin Man, who’s all heart and no brains, and the Scarecrow, who’s all brains and no heart. Who would you vote for?

New Items from a Shop

I got this awesome spellbook and wand set in a private auction at ChynaCat’s Shop. I love them! I wish her shop was open for more orders right now, because I would love to get a magic box to go with them!

New Quiz

I took the “Which Greek Goddess are You?” quiz and it said I am Hestia! Yay! She was always my favorite goddess. I remember asking if I could do her journal when we had to write the journals of Greek god in fifth grade, but the teacher made me do Artemis instead (there really isn’t enough material with Hestia, she didn’t cause or get wrapped up in much trouble).

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