Narnia Trailer Released!

The trailer for the new movie of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis was released today. It’s going to appear during The Magical World of Disney tonight on ABC as well as on the Disney Channel and a few other networks. It is not up on the Official Movie Site yet, but is supposed to be there on May 11. The official site is not the best place to go for news, but they do have some cool features about how the sets and stuff were done. I found it worth a look. That said, I get most of my Narnia news from They have the trailer up. It’s worth watching, but it made me even more nervious about the movie than I was. I’m excited to see the movie, I adore the Narnia books, but a lot of the characters and stuff just don’t look right to me. And that bothers me. I guess that happens with most movies, though, so I’ll have to deal! Anyway, check out the new trailer (NarniaWeb has screenshots and other cool stuff too)!

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