Small Animals Falling On Me

I hate driving. Most of those of you who know me have probably heard this. I really hate driving. I do it all the time, but I hate it. Today I may have figured out why. I killed a bird today. I’m very very upset about this. What if the bird had a mate or chicks/eggs? What if it didn’t die instantly and suffered by the side of the road for a while? I feel awful that I couldn’t stop to see what happened to it. Normally when people kill animals while driving it’s because they run into or over them, right? Well, I’ve killed two animals with my car. This bird and a squirrel on the first time I ever drove by myself with no one else in the car, the day I got my license. I didn’t run over either one. Both fell out of the sky. The bird was flying past the car (after another bird that sucessfully made it across the road) and it turned mid-flight… right into my windshield. I was going 55 miles per hour. It hit my windshield with it’s head. I hope it died quickly! I feel awful. The squirrel was even worse. I was less than a block away from my parents house and it fell out of a tree onto the roof of my car. And bounced onto the trunk and then the ground. And died. I had to stop because I was so upset. Have you ever seen a squirrel fall out of a tree? Or, for that matter, a bird fly into a moving car? I mean, seriously! Is there someone up in the sky who finds it funny to throw small animals onto my car? If so, I would like to file a formal protest! I feel terrible about it. The squirrel died eight years ago and I still feel terrible about it! Hopefully no more animals will fall out of the sky onto me. I may have to start rethinking driving entirely if that happens. *sigh*

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