Book: Seedfolks

“How Otto Brought the Sun Back to Plov”
Paul Fleischman
illustrated by Allan Eitzen
1987 – featured in Cricket 34/1 (September 2006)


Paul Fleischman
1997 (HarperTrophy/HarperCollins)

This is a wonderful book. It is very uplifting and optimistic! The hope and faith in human goodness is like a breath of fresh air. The idea of the community garden slowly growing out of a small neighborhood full of culturally diverse people is a wonderful one. The characters were wonderfully varied, each completely different from each other outwardly, but all with many of the same desires and goals. And yet they all had a different reason for or way of participating in the wonderful garden.

My favorite character, hands down, was Leona. She managed to claw her way through the bureaucratic nightmare that is government (through some wonderfully creative methods) and get the garbage cleaned out of the empty lot. The English woman who found a way for her elderly charge to participate was also wonderful. The contest for the children to find ways of getting water to the garden was a great touch as well.

This is a wonderful book and everyone should pick it up! It’s incredibly short, so it’s not a big time commitment for a wonderful experience!

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