More Book Banning

I hate hearing about book banning. A lot of people have been unfortunate enough to have to hear my very long, very angry rants about the subject. I’m very sorry to all of those people, but it’s a really important subject to discuss and to be aware of. It’s a totally stupid thing that we do in the united states every day, something like 547 times last year – give or take. That’s more than one book a day. That’s insane. Why is it that we have no real problem banning books, but if you talk about banning guns you risk bringing hell and high water down on your head? When was the last time you saw a book shoot someone? I realize that books can be dangerous, but seriously, how dangerous could a book about a little boy and a man floating down the river on a raft really be? How about a book about a kid who goes to school to study magic? Or maybe the danger really lies in books of poetry about silly things by such horrible people as Shel Silverstein. Seriously, why do people do this? Do we think so little of our children (usually high school students) that we can’t trust them to think for themselves about issues that could prove very important to them in college and life? It’s disgusting and it pisses me off like few other things even begin to.

Anyway, there is currently a fight going on in Pennsylvania over a book called The Buffalo Tree by Adam Rapp. It’s a book set in a juvenile detention center and told from the point of view of a kid there. It’s intended for teenagers. Obviously this should be a light and fluffy read, right? Well, apparently it involves a fair about of non-so-acceptable language and some discussion of things like a boy becoming sexually aroused. It was being taught in one of the English classes at the high school where it is now banned. The banning is being contested and reconsidered this evening. Hopefully they will come to their senses and remove the ban. You can read the New York Times article about it here.

If you see instances of books being banned, please let me know.

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