Book: Wedding Goddess

Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress into Wedding Bliss
Laurie Sue Brockway

I really liked this book. It was useful to me. It is written by a non-denominational minister from New York who recently got married herself. The book discusses how to deal with engagement, wedding planning, family squabbles, and the ceremony itself. The book has quotes from other women who were recently married, advice on many different elements of weddings, and “goddess” exercises to help with planning and maintaining emotional health throughout the process. I particularly liked that while the book did spend a great deal of time on actual, practical advice and ceremonies and traditions from various religions and cultures, it also kept it’s primary focus on surviving through the process still healthy and still as in love with your partner as ever.

This book totally didn’t fit in with the “bridal industry” focused books that fill shelves in book stores. It doesn’t discuss what you absolutely have to have or not, it doesn’t pass judgement on anything, it doesn’t stress the importance of buy etiquette guides or having bridesmaids wear shoes dyed to match their dresses. It focuses on the important things. It understands that the wedding is very important, but ultimately not as important as the marriage that follows. It understands that it can be really hard to maintain a healthy relationship throughout the wedding process and that it is more important to have that relationship remain strong than to have perfect centrepieces. It also discusses dealing with family and friendships throughout the process (when they will be very very very strained). I liked that these things were the focus and that the book did make me feel special, like I could very easily be a “wedding goddess” on my wedding day.

I liked this book a lot and certainly do recommend it to anyone (bride or groom) who is getting married.

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