Book: Goose Chase

Goose Chase
Patrice Kindl

This was a fun fairy tale inspired novel by a great author. Kindl wrote the book Owl in Love, which is amazing. Goose Chase didn’t live up to Owl, but it was a fun read anyway. I loved the clever way she wove together bits and pieces from various fairy tales (some lifted whole-cloth and other merely inspired). The main character was witty and fun to read, if a little dense sometimes.

The writing was as polished and fun to read as it was in any of her other books. The first-person narrative flowed quickly and smoothly and seemed very natural, even when the narrator was speaking formalized fairy tale language. I couldn’t help but like the characters and the interactions between them, they were so well painted. Even in slow parts of the story, it was always fun to read.

This was a fun book and I would certainly recommend it. It’s a fun, quick read and Kindl is a great author.

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