Book: Bears

Ruth Krauss
ill. by Maurice Sendak

This is a very simple book. The poem that makes up the text is very uncomplicated. It is a series of rhyming lines describing bears doing different things. There are maybe 40 words in the whole book. The pictures illustrate each line and to tie them together is a little boy chasing a dog who has stolen a teddy bear. The boy should be familiar to most people as the kid in the wolf suit from Where the Wild Things Are.

The book is cute, and I did enjoy it, but there isn’t enough to it. The plot with the boy and the dog is amusing, but the actual text feels like it is getting in the way of that story. And the story ends oddly, with the teddy bear on the floor and the dog in bed with the boy. I just wasn’t terribly impressed with this picture book. The pictures are nice, they have a crayon feel to them and tend to be complicated and funny. They just weren’t enough.

This is a cute book, but it isn’t worth buying. You can read it in about two minutes. If you want to read it, go to a library. It’s very cute, but Sendak’s other stuff is far better.

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