Book: Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings
Robert McCloskey

This is an absolutely adorable book. It is the 1941 Caldecott Medal winner and absolutely deserves that honour. The story is sweet and simple, about a pair of ducks finding a proper place to raise their ducklings. They choose a park in Boston. The writing is simple, but wonderful to read. You can’t help but like the ducks and want to help them (like the policemen in the story do).

The illustrations are just great. They have a sketch-like quality gives the pictures a charm that more fleshed out illustrations might have lacked. There are a few pictures near the beginning of the book that particularly intrigued me. They show the duck pair flying over the landmarks of Boston. The details in the famous landmarks are so well done and I instantly recognized them. They were wonderful.

This is a true gem of a picture book. I definitely recommend it and fully intend to add it to my collection when I get the chance!

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