Interesting WOTC Program

Wizards of the Coast has recently (in the last year and a half or so) begun publishing two new young reader series – the Kights of the Silver Dragon and the New Adventures Dragonlance Series. I’ve read some of the Knights books and generally enjoyed them, although the range of authors means a range of quality that I’m not entirely happy with. The first on, Secret of the Spiritkeeper by Matt Forbeck, was excellent and I would certainly recommend it if you like fantasy (and even more if you like Dungeons and Dragons, but that isn’t necessary).

Anyway, they just announced a program for librarians and teachers around these books. The program is designed to encourage kids who don’t like to read to do so. WOTC is calling the program “Adventures for Reluctant Readers” and is using the idea that simple adventure stories are usually what reluctant readers latch onto first to develop the program. It sounds very interesting, but (as is usual for them) WOTC hasn’t really given much information about it. You can read about it on the Mirrorstone announcement page. I am very interested in the program and pleased that WOTC is doing it, but I would really like to know more about it. They are offering it free to librarians and teachers, but they don’t give many details. Hopefully more information will be released about the program soon.

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