Book: The Wedding Ceremony Planner

The Wedding Ceremony Planner
Judith Johnson

Obviously, I read this because I’ve been working on my wedding ceremony. A non-denominational minister who has been performing weddings for some time wrote this book. It is laid out with guidelines for dealing with attendants, family, finding an officiant, and countless other issues that come up in dealing with a wedding ceremony. The most useful part of the book for me was the section that broke down the parts of a wedding ceremony and provided tips of what works and what doesn’t as well as sample passages, statements and vows from ceremonies she has performed in the past.

The book was excellently written and laid out; it is designed to be used as sort of a guide to planning the parts of the ceremony. It has useful worksheets and tips throughout the book, but the worksheets are also collected at the back for easy reference. I found the sample vows and readings wonderfully helpful, but there were some things wanting in the book. The section about rituals from religions and cultures other than Christianity was a bit wanting. She only described a few rituals and she isn’t very clear how to work them in. The section kind of feels like it was tacked on because some said she should have it. I would have liked a much more comprehensive chapter, or at least a list of suggested reading for finding rituals from non-Christian traditions.

In general, I really found this book useful. It had some flaws, but is well organized and interesting. I recommend it to anyone trying to plan a wedding ceremony, but also suggest you find some other sources if you want anything non-Christian in your ceremony.

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