Today’s Random Interesting Links

Ok, today I have stuff that I found interesting (rather than stuff that made me happy, although some of these did make me happy).

The first is a like to a piece at The Valve about genre fiction, particularly as it applies to Harry Potter. It’s an interesting piece. I don’t agree with everything he says, but Michael seemed to feel that my differences of opinion were largely academic and maybe kinda nitpicky. I find them interesting, but since I can see his point, I won’t force them on you. The piece is interesting, though, so you may want to check it out.

Looking more into the subject of genre writing led me to this piece at octopuses, wheee! about why so very very much fantasy is so very bad. It’s really interesting, although I think some of the arguements are hard to deal with. Some of the things (like drawing from other writers) can actually be one of the elements that makes a book good. I did find it interesting (especially since I read so much awful fantasy as a kid, so bad that I knew it was awful even then).

Possibly the most interesting thing today, however, is an article about ‘Geek Social Fallacies’. Especially with GenCon coming up, this piece was facinating. I can completely see it in the people I routinely hang out with, although few of them are serious “carriers” of any one fallacy. I also saw my own issues in there, I have been working on my particular issues with somewhat being a carrier of GSF1 and GSF3, but I am getting better about them. The article is really interesting, especially if you have been around “geek culture” a lot (which many people reading this probably have).

So those are my random links for today! Check them out, they are interesting and not as fluffy as my last set of fun links!

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