Life is Crazy!

I know my site has been kinda quiet lately. I’m so far behind on posting book reviews it’s scary. And sad, since I’ve read some great books lately. Real life, has, unfortunately been rudely intruding into my bloging time.

My wedding is now in nine days, so of course now is the time for things to start falling apart. There haven’t been many big disasters, although the biggest has now become my psychologist’s favorite wedding horror story. It’s just that no matter how well planned out everything is, and our wedding was freakishly well organized throughout the whole planning phase, when you mix that many factors together, something is bound to fall apart.

I’m really happy to be getting married, I’m not nervious about becoming Michael’s wife at all. I’m nervous that I’m not going to make TO my wedding day, much less THROUGH it. I feel very lucky that I have such wonderful people around me. My parents and Michael’s have been great, very supportive and excited for us. Viv is the perfect bridal assistant and without her I think I would be even more afraid of my wedding day falling to pieces around my ears. As it is, I will be surprised if any disasters less critical than the place burning down even come to my attention! Michael has been great and done a ton of the planning, even when he objected to the very concept of something that had to be done.

I am looking forward to my wedding day, but even more so to my marriage. Part of me really wonders why we didn’t elope. It’s going to be beautiful and wonderful though, and I think I would have missed getting to share it with my family and friends had I actually eloped. Besides, when else would I get to wear my grandmother’s absolutely stunning wedding gown?

I am sorry that my website has been so sorely neglected lately (I’ve been missing dolling), but hopefully after the wedding and Gen Con (which is ABSOLUTELY NOT NOT NOT A HONEYMOON OF ANY KIND AT ALL SO STOP SAYING IT IS) I’ll be able to devote some more time to it.

Besides, Michael says I need to share some of my stories from Barnes and Noble with my wonderful blog readers, and he’s probably right!

Wish me luck that the wedding won’t fall to pieces!

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