Gen Con

Michael and I spent the last five days in Indianapolis with twelve or so of our friends at Gen Con. It was fun, except for some unpleasantness with the hotel (never ever stay in the Hilton Indianapolis, it was awful and managed to anger and/or upset several of the people in our group staying there – me included). I didn’t play many tabletop roleplaying games this time, but I played several board and card games. Michael and I bought a few new games that should be fun!

Our friends were really sweet. Brian and our other friends sent us champaign and treats the first night, got some of the exhibiters and such to sing to us (including Crazy Egor and the people working in his booth, the pirates from Keelhauled Studios, and the Klingons and Starfleet personel from the Klingon Jail), got us cute messages from various people there (the pirates again and Statesman from City of Heroes), and generally made this a memorable Gen Con where we felt loved by our friends. Thanks guys!

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