Book: Hello Kitty: A Day With Papa

Hello Kitty: A Day With Papa
Mark McVeigh
Ill. by Jean Hirashima

This is a cute little book about the Sanrio character Hello Kitty. She decides to spend a day with her father and he teaches her how to play baseball. The pictures are simple and colorful, as most Sanrio art is. The story is simple, but very sweet. I liked that the writing was simple and clear, as uncomplicated as the illustrations.

I very much liked that this book is about a little girl who learns to play what is usually considered a boys’ sport, but she gets to stay a little girl while doing it. Her batting helmet is pink with a bow, but she is just as good at the sport as the boys and girls who join her and her father near the end of the book. I like that Hello Kitty can be girly and good at sports at the same time.

The book isn’t brilliant, but it is cute and fun and the message is really good. I like that the message isn’t undermined at all, like in many books. This is a cute book and certainly a good one for kids (both boys and girls). I’ve been generally impressed with the Hello Kitty books so far!

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