Book: Someday is Not a Day of the Week

Someday is Not a Day of the Week
Denise Brennan-Nelson
Ill. by Kevin O’Malley

This is a wonderful picture book that very accurately shows how it feels (especially when you are young) to be told something fun is going to happen… someday. The little boy’s excitement is so real it’s almost contagious, but his disappointment is also that real – it’s almost tangible. It has a jarring effect on an adult because one is forced to realize that vague promises are pretty much a staple in our conversations, especially with young children. The scene where the boy looks for “Someday” on the calendar is so cute and almost heartbreaking!

The pictures are adorable and full of energy. They match the story wonderfully well. I loved the expressions on the child and the adults around him. The details in the backgrounds are wonderful as well.

This is a wonderful book. I highly recommend it!

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