Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle

This is such a classic I almost didn’t write it up for the website. I decided that I should write it, though, partially because it is such a classic. It’s such a fun book. There isn’t anything particularly spectacular about it, so it isn’t incredibly obvious why it would be a classic, but perhaps that is part of it’s charm. It’s so appealing because it is so simple and unassuming. The pages with holes where the caterpillar chewed through things are a constant fascination for children and the bright colours and simple story make it memorable for everyone.

The book is just so well put-together. The pacing is wonderful with parts that move along slowly and parts of the story where the story nearly runs forward. This is partially helped by the oddly sized pages and holes. The bright colours and oversized images are incredibly appealing and it’s hard not to smile when flipping through the book.

This book really is a classic and deserves to be. It is my favourite of Carle’s picture books! I highly recommend it, but since most people have probably seen and read it already, it doesn’t mean much for me to recommend it!

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