Books: The Very Best Daddy of All

The Very Best Daddy of All
Marion Diane Bauer
Ill. by Leslie Wu

This is a very sweet book portraying animal fathers and what they do for their families. It is obviously intended as a Father’s Day type of gift book, but it is a cute picture book nonetheless. Each animal father is shown in a wonderful nature-study-like drawing that might have been inspired by a National Geographic photograph. The text tells about one thing that each father does for his family, from hatching eggs to comforting and protecting the mother. I liked very much that no contribution was shown as any more valid or important than any other contribution. It is evident that the author feels that anything done for the family is important, no matter how small the thing might seem.

The end is rather cliché and obvious, but the text is otherwise very good. It pairs wonderfully with the animal drawings. I would absolutely recommend this book for a child, even one whose father is largely out of the picture. It shows that even fathers who aren’t around are important.

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