Books: Yay, You! Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On

Yay, You! Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On
Sandra Boynton

This is a great graduation/life change book, one of the best I’ve ever seen on the subject. It’s funny and full of Boynton’s characteristically funny pictures. It talks about how not knowing what’s coming next is scary, while knowing where you intend to go is exciting but not necessary. It shows various animals doing different things and while some may seem trivial (like the adorable animals “contemplating the size of their thighs”), none are inherently less valid than any others.

The drawings are typical Boynton, full of hippos and other creatures. They are very funny and one can’t help but smile at such images as the meditating cow saying “OOM”. The pictures are perfectly paired with the text, and I think some of the text would loose a lot from being paired with any other images (or with none at all).

I loved this book and would definitely give it as a graduation gift (or even buy it for myself). It’s witty and fun and full of celebration.

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