Book: Hindu and Sikh Wedding Ceremonies

Hindu and Sikh Wedding Ceremonies
Ramesh Chander Dogra and Urmila Dogra

This was a fascinating book written by a Hindu couple living in Britain about the rituals and ceremonies in Hinduism and Sikhism that surround weddings and marriages. It was obviously written in English by non-native speakers, but everything was perfectly easy to read and understand. The book also has several colour and black and white photographs to help readers visualize what is being explained and show images of gods and goddesses. The book discusses historical viewpoints and the meaning behind each ritual.

I found this book fascinating. It has a definite Hindu bias to the writing (really only important to note for the Sikh passages) and the writers are obviously devout believers in the Hindu way of life and outlook. I found the various rituals and their meanings very interesting, but was a little frustrated that the book spent more time on rituals related to marriage or life after the wedding than on the wedding rituals themselves. I would have really liked more in-depth descriptions of the aspects of the wedding ceremony, which almost felt glossed over in parts of the book.

In general, I liked this book. It was very interesting. It wasn’t really what I was looking for, but it gave me some of the information I wanted. I think I’ll need to go looking for a better book on Hindu wedding rituals for a more in-depth explaination.

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