Wedding Pictures

As I mentioned, I got married on August 13. There are now lots and lots of pictures online at Random Dialogue with more on the way. Some of them are just beautiful. There is a great one of the whole bridal party around bench that looks just great. The girls look beautiful in their dresses (I loved the color and style – it looked good on all of them and really stood out). The guys all look dashing in their tuxedos. What is it about tuxes? I don’t know any guys who don’t look good in them!

The gardens made a wonderful backdrop for the wedding and it really shows in the pictures, especially the formal ones and the ceremony ones.

We are planning on scanning some of the pretty cards and drawings we got from the reception (we had cards and crayons instead of a guest book). I think those are great and will provide another link when they are up. And there is one amazing drawing that is unsigned, so I would like to know who drew it!

Anyway, go look at the pictures, they are wonderful. Even I admit I was beautiful that day! And I’ve never seen pictures of Michael looking so happy!

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