Katrina Relief for Children

I haven’t posted anything about the news lately because everyone else pretty much has it covered. However, I do want to post something now about the Katrina relief effort that Michael and I are contributing to.

SCBWI is putting together comfort packages for children who have been displaced by Katrina. Each kit will have two age appropriate books in it (picture books or chapter books/novels) as well as a stuffed animal or toy, a flashlight and a toothbrush/toothpaste set. Most of these children have lost everything and anything that we can give them will help them get through this (especially for young children this can make a big difference). They are accepting donations of new or like-new books, new toys and stuffed animals and money for the other needed supplies. The address to send things to is:

SCBWI Katrina Relief
8271 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Michael and I ordered several books from Amazon and had them sent to the above address. If you can, pick out some of your favorite children’s books or simple toys and send them!

There are children heroes too. The first story to make me cry outright was this one about a six year old boy who cared for six other children, including his five month old brother, and got them to help. That is one amazingly brave and responsible six year old. I hope that somebody writes a picture book about him, he deserves it and other kids deserve to hear his story. I hope he gets one of the relief kits.

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