Strange News Stories!

Ok, so in the last two days I have come across two news stories that are just so – unique – I had to post about them.

The first comes from Croatia, where apparently reality TV shows like “Survivor” are becoming popular, but with a twist. The contestants/stars are not people trying to survive through stupid games and challenges, they are SHEEP living their lives on a farm. They get voted off each week and everything! Check it out!

The second story is from right here in the USA. Apparently, our military has trained killer dolphins. And in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they lost them. Armed and dangerous Dolphins are loose in the Gulf of Mexico! They are armed with Lethal Dart guns that they are trained to fire. I’d avoid going swimming in the Gulf of Mexico right now, but since I’m safely a thousand miles away or so in Wisconsin, I find this story pretty funny.

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