“Parental Empowerment Act”

I’m posting this because I’m very worried about this particular political issue. A few months ago a bill was introduced in the House called the “Parental Empowerment Act of 2005“. Under this bill every elementary school would be required to ask a council of parents with children currently or very recently in the school to approve *any* purchase or acquisition of any “print material” (books) for the library or classroom use. If any state doesn’t enforce this, they lose federal funding for education. I can’t even explain how bad it would be if schools had to ask permission from parents to buy textbooks and library books. This is a pretty serious bill, and it hasn’t gotten any notice as far as I can see.

The bill was sent to the Committee on Education and the Workforce. It is not yet on their list of bills being looked at, but I think that is because Congress is currently out of session. They will be picking up again in the next couple weeks. I plan to keep an eye on the committee website. Any news about this bill will be posted here. Two of the committee members are from Wisconsin, including the vice-chairman. I’m sure they will get letters about this from me. I will post information in the event that anyone else wants to write letters or make phone calls. The congressmen who are on the committee are listed on the committee website with links to their own websites.

This is a really big issue and I hope that the bill doesn’t pass. I’m hoping that the teacher’s union is on this issue as well. I’ll post any news here.

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