Interesting Stuff

Today brought two facinating topics to mind.

The first I read about at Shakespeare’s Sister. Apparently in Sweden one can now be promated after death! This turns the body to mulch that is used to make the soil richer and then people plant trees over the grave. I think that’s wonderful! Too bad it won’t catch on here for a very very long time.

The other thing is an issue that I rant about every once in a while, so it’s nice to see someone else talk about it for a change. The issue is unisex bathrooms. I would really love to see more public places with unisex bathrooms. Bradford Plumer talks about it too. It just makes so much sense in so many ways! Unisex bathrooms are cleaner in general, people wash their hands more, and lines are shorter. Most of the arguements against the idea involve safety. Ok, I admit, there is a great chance a woman will get stuck in a bathroom with a guy and bad things could happen. Ok, first off, put security cameras in the main area of the bathroom (not the stalls). That way, even if the assault happens in a stall the cameras will catch the people going into the stall and it can be used for legal reasons. The other thing would be to make rape a bigger deal than it is today. That’s really a whole different issue, but seriously, if we managed to change the current thinking that rape is the woman’s fault (she went out late wearing clothes, the hussy was asking for it) and that it’s not that big a crime it would make so much difference! As it is, women don’t report it out of shame and men get little to no punishment for having raped someone. It’s insane. Change those and maybe then sane things like unisex bathrooms and unisex hallways won’t be so scary. Again, though, it’s never going to catch on in this country. Not at this rate anyway.

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