Second American Girl Movie: Felicity

Last November saw the premiere of the first movie based on one of the American Girl stories with Samantha: An American Girl Holiday. It was actually pretty well done. This year brings another of the girls to the screen with Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, which is set to air on the WB on November 29. I am more excited about this one than I was about Samantha’s movie. My favorite of the girls was always Kirsten (the Swedish imigrant girl who lived on a farm in Minnesota), but Felicity was a close second. I have a Felicity doll and just adore her clothes. I loved her story because of all the girls Felicity was probably the most rebellious. She wore pants to ride a horse in secret and she wasn’t exactly the proper young lady, even when she tried. She went barefoot, let her petticoats fly in the wind, and deliberately forgot her hat when going out in the sun (thereby bringing out all of her freckles) all in colonial Virginia when such things were scandalous. So I look forward to seeing her movie! I hope it does the books justice!

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