Apparently, bathing suits are immodest. Ok, I’ll buy that in a general sense. Since we see tiny bikinis on girls from age 3 to 60 at this point, I can see the arguement. But if you go to an average pool you will see most of the women and girls there in fairly decent bathing suits (in my experience, anyway). But evidently, that’s not quite good enough. So now we can wear WholesomeWear. The website is awful and they currently only make swimwear.

Now, I don’t really have any major problem with the existance of this type of swimwear (although I can’t honestly see the point and think their thing about drawing the eye to the face is total crap since if I saw someone wearing one of these I’d notice the strange suit long before the face of the woman wearing it), but something about the concept creeps me out. Maybe it’s the obvious likness to swimwear from the Victorian era. Maybe it’s the lack of WholesomeWear for men (are men exempt from modesty?). Maybe it’s just the implied shame in the human body. I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just bothered by the complete lack of information about the company on their website or the fact that their swimsuits are all 40% off (or more) right now. Something about it just gives me the creeps.

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