Ken is Trying to Win Back Barbie

Remember a year and a half ago or so when Barbie and Ken split up? It was big news. Well, Barbie’s new crush (I think his name was Blaine or something) is apparently not working out that well. At least, that’s my assumption, since Ken has decided to win back Barbie. He’s consulting with the hottest style gurus in Hollywood, according to his personal manager and publicist. He’s considering a style make-over so that his style will be more variable and exciting. He’s even considering eyelid surgery to try and remedy his lack of blinking (he hasn’t blinked in like fourty years). I guess he thinks that a new look will make him appealing to Barbie again. I hope it works out for him! I never liked Blaine (what kind of a name is Blaine anyway? and can’t she find a boyfriend with a better ambition that being a surfer dude?).

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