Book: Eye of Fortune

Eye of Fortune
Denise R. Graham
illustrated by Emily Fiegenschuh

This is the fourth book in the “Knights of the Silver Dragon” series. I very much disliked the books immediately before and after it in the series, as is probably evident to anyone who read my reviews of them, but this one was much better. It is my favourite of the first five books. Not only does it feel like a good Dungeons and Dragons adventure, but the characters are accurately portrayed and the writing excellent.

I loved how the characters were shown in this book. They were very much their character class (wizard, rogue and bard), but also very three-dimensional. They made logical conclusions and put pieces together intelligently. The plot flowed well. There were no breaks for sneaking out scenes or other unimportant filler scenes. They even managed to logically create a balanced party by running into a fighter and a cleric. The cleric was one of the most amusing characters I remember encountering in recent books. He was a half-orc who seemed totally unaware of his powers (intelligence far below average). I would love to see someone run such a character in a game.

The illustrations were wonderful. I loved the cover illustration with the fortune teller gazing into her magic eye as Kellach looks on critically and Driskoll looks on amazed. It captures the characters wonderfully. The interior art is just as good. I am continually impressed at Miss Fiegenschuh’s ability to capture the characters and essence of what this series strives to be (and occasionally achieves).

This book is wonderful. The adventure is beautifully done and could make a wonderful Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The characters are perfectly portrayed and the writing and illustrations complement each other quite well. This book I would definitely recommend!

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