Gadgets Galore

With the holiday shopping season firmly in swing (I know, I was out shopping tonight!) the internet has been eagerly trying to tell me about every cute and useful gadget that I should be buying/asking for for christmas. Most of them fall into one of three categories: WTF?, Eh…, or why? Some, however, are really cool either for cuteness or usefulness (or, in the best cases, both). So I thought I would collect some of my favorites here to tell you all about!

First on the list is a really cute Penguin Humidifier. It is adorable (there is a frog and panda as well) and it holds a gallon of water, so it should run for a while without needing to be refilled. How cool is that? Wouldn’t a little penguin in the corner be adorable? And it’s useful! And best of all, it’s only $30 or so from Target!

The second thing I liked is the most clever iPod holder I’ve seen. They look like Books and even open like books to reveal tiny library cards inside. I don’t have an iPod (I have a little Shuffle), and I wish they had some better titles (I’d love to see Nancy Drew or something), but I love the concept and must admit that these look great! They are a bit pricy though.

I loved the idea of these really cute Roomba Covers. They look like little deformed animals. My favorite is the zebra! I like my little red roomba, but it would be funny to see a little flat zebra puttering around on the floor! The site isn’t selling them right now (they say to try ebay), but they promise to open again after New Years and say they will have some new designs.

Probably the nicest looking laptop cases I’ve seen are from Red Maloo. They are inspired by kimono fabrics and folding. They are pretty, sleek and have built-in mouse pads and wrist rests! I think they are great, but my lack of a laptop and the fact that they are only avalible in Japan indicates that I’m not going to go buy one now.

Another item only avalible in Japan (I think) is this cute set of USB-Powered Heated Gloves for use when typing! My hands are always cold and it makes typing more uncomfortable and slower, so I love this concept. They can’t be terribly hot (given the limitations of USB ports), but it wouldn’t take much heat to make typing considerably more comfortable.

An item I liked that is only avalible in the UK is this cool Butter Wizard! It keeps your butter at the right temperature to keep it always perfectly spreadable! And it’s dishwasher-safe.

With my headaches and all this item is really appealing to me. It’s a Massaging Eye Mask. It gently massages your temples, eye area and the bridge of your nose to relax you, reduce headaches and promote restful sleep. I really want one!

I’m really not sure what to think about this one. It’s either really cool or really scary (or maybe both). It’s a Cellular Squirrel who answers your cell phone for you and lets you know if you want to talk to the person who called. And then you can conduct your conversation by talking to the squirrel itself. It’s very odd, but if it really works, it could be cool.

I almost never wear my watch (it’s really too big for me) but I always need to know what time it is, so I love this little gadget. It’s a Digital Clock that clips onto clothing like a little tag. It’s tiny and unobtrusive, but would be really useful. They are $20 for a set of two, but they are also sold out right now.

I really like these creative Umbrellas because the handle is offset so that you can stand in the middle of the umbrella. I like the design and think it would be great to not have to press the cold metal bar of the umbrella to my cheek to stay in the middle!

The last gadget I want to mention here is another Humidifier. This one is really sleek and unobtrusive (it kind of reminds me of a piece of art or something). I like that it doesn’t look like a humidifier so that you could have it in your family room without it looking like an appliance in the corner.

So those are the cool gadgets I have links for today. I hope they at least amused you!

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