Book: Dagger of Doom

Dagger of Doom
Kerry Daniel Roberts
Illustrator: Emily Fiegenschuh

This is the sixth book the “Knights of the Silver Dragon” series. It continues with the adventures of Driskoll, Kellach and Moyra. The story is set up with Driskoll hearing a tale about two brothers who lived long ago. The story says that one brother gave the other a dagger. Then the brother with the dagger killed the other. The knife is supposed to be cursed and the name of each victim appears on the blade prior to his death by it. The knife now has Kellach’s name on it. The entire story is focused on Driskoll and his point of view throughout the story. As readers we are never given even a glimpse into what the other two kids are thinking, which is unusual for the series, but necessary for this book.

This book confused me a lot. For most of it I couldn’t decide if it was intriguing or ridiculous. I honestly couldn’t have said if I liked it or not! Because of the unique point of view, it was hard to say if the kids were actually acting out of character or if Driskoll just thought they were. Along the same lines, it was difficult to know what information to trust and what to doubt because everything was filtered through Driskoll’s perception of it. Part way through the book I was almost convinced that everything was in Driskoll’s imagination!

The story was very interesting. I remained interested throughout the book while simultaneously being very annoyed at the oddities in the children’s behaviour. I’m convinced at this point that this was deliberate. I was as suspicious as everyone as Driskoll was. I was very worried that the ending would be stupid and it would prove the book to be mostly just annoying with what could have been an interesting plot, but that didn’t end up being the case. The ending was completely not what I expected (although in hindsight there were clues throughout the book) and that turned out to be a good thing. The end was interesting and the explanation for the kids acting out of character was sound. This was excellently well written. This couldn’t be the first book in a series or a stand-alone book, but as a book several volumes into a series it was absolutely brilliant. I was impressed that the ending even works D&D mechanics wise. It was incredibly well done.

Like the last few books, there were few internal illustrations in this book. That said, the quality of the illustrations that were there was as good as I have come to expect from this illustrator. The cover in particular was brilliant. It is simple, but after completing the book it becomes obvious just how clever the design of the cover illustration is! I think this may be my most favourite cover yet. It is so perfect for the book it’s incredible.

This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it, but read at least two books in the series first (my suggestions would be the first and fourth books since the others were not as good).

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