Book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
Illustrator: Abelardo Morell

This may be my new favourite edition of this book! The illustrations and the layout are simply wonderful. I am just so impressed with this book!

I love the “Alice” books by Lewis Carroll. I love the clever word play throughout as well as the wonderful imagery. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has some of the best nonsense poems in it as well as some fascinating philosophical questions. The Cheshire Cat’s statement about everyone being mad is an interesting statement. Is everyone really mad or is it just perception? Alice provides an interesting view into this world where everything is topsy-turvy. I just find the set up and the craziness very interesting.

The illustrations and layout of this book are so perfect for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that it’s incredible. One of my favourite things was that each chapter started in very large print and slowly shrunk so that by the end of the chapter’s first page the text is down to the size it is on every other page. This is a great design choice because of the constant size shifts throughout the entire book. Alice never really knows from one minute to the next what size she is going to be and the size change in the text really reflects those changes.

The illustrations themselves are very interesting. The photographer, Mr. Morell, cut out and sometimes enlarged the classic illustrations for this book by Tenniel. Then he set them up in small scenes using books, props, plants and various other things and photographed the result. The pictures he created are so wonderful! They use books in particular in a wonderful way. The rabbit hole is a hole through a book, the tea table (where the interesting and funny word play conversations take place) is a dictionary, and Alice’s giant hand reaches out of a book for the white rabbit when she has grown to fill his house. The images are simply incredible! I just love the cleverness of the choices. The lighting and placement is always perfect, like in the Cheshire Cat image where the shadow creates a second tree trunk making the image even more confusing and magical than it was originally!

This book is wonderfully put together. I love the images and the book is really one of my favourite stories. I wish I could find Through the Looking Glass done by this illustrator! I highly recommend this book. If you are looking for a really good edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this is the one to get!

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