Poll (Please Answer!)

A few weeks ago (shortly before Christmas, when I had no time to spend researching the idea) my husband made a comment that got me thinking about the perception of unicorns in our society. I don’t usually spend really any time thinking about unicorns, they were never a facination of mine. However, what I’ve been reading and hearing as I look into this further has me even more interested. I certainly want to explore the issue more deeply. Who knows, I may end up writing a paper about it.

So I need more data (at least preliminary data to get me thinking) about what people think about unicorns. So below is a poll. Please answer it. I need as many answers as possible. Feel free to answer anonymously or send me an email at unicorns @ pixiepalace . com if you don’t want people to know what you have to say. Just please be honest! I’ll post about it if anything comes of this research. And I won’t use any quotes or anything from this (unless you give me permission), it’s just for me to see what opinions are out there.

Thank you! I can’t wait to see what people say!

1. What is your age and gender? (This is just for data pattern detection, I really don’t care what your age and gender are.)

2. What do you think of or about unicorns?

3. What do you think of when unicorns are mentioned?

4. What was the last image or reference you remember seeing of a unicorn (s)? Please tell me what you remember about it and what you thought or felt about it.

5. Have you ever seen an image of or heard/read about something about a unicorn(s) that just struck you as wrong? What was the image/reference? Why was it wrong?

6. Have you ever seen an image or or heard/read about something about a unicorn(s) that really stuck with you? Why did it stick with you? What do you remember about it?

7. Is there anything else you have to tell me about unicorns or your reactions/thoughts/feelings/whatever about them?

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