New Dolls – Alice, Belle and More

This week I have five new pixel dolls to show you! The first is a doll of Matt Rhodes‘s wonderful piece “Alice on the Grass“. I really like how it turned out. I think this is some of my best shading. The second doll is Belle in a ballet outfit from a comic strip in (I think) a french Disney Princess magazine. I just liked the dress and wanted to doll it. The third doll is Felicity from the American Girl dolls series in her (new) Meet Felicity dress. They changed her “Meet” dress at some point and I really don’t know why, but I think it’s kind of cute and decided to doll it. The fourth doll is a mini Barbie based on the My Scene outfit designed by Karen Garrett for “Project Outcast“, which is based on the show “Project Runway”. Check out her site for further explaination. The last doll is Supergirl in her most recent standard costume. I really like this costume (I hated the last one with the white t-shirt and tight mini skirt), so I wanted to doll it. I think it is a much better updating of her classic costume and generally looks really good. The doll isn’t perfect, but she also isn’t symetrical, so I’m proud of her. As always, click on the doll to be taken to the base maker’s site.

Alice on the Grass - Matt RhodesBelle BallerinaMeet FelicityProject Outcast BarbieSupergirl

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