Book: The Discovery of Dragons

The Discovery of Dragons
Greame Base

This is a very entertaining book. Like all of Base’s books, it is extraordinarily detailed and beautiful. The book is a collection of letters from three people who are credited with discovering the first and most dragons in three different areas of the world. More dragons exist, but the four most important discoveries of each person are presented with the appropriate letter, a beautiful picture and a pretty border along the bottom illustrating the story told in the letter. Through the course of the book the reader enjoys three amusing stories, learns about twelve dragons, and gets a good idea of the competition going on between the supposed author (Professor Rowland W. Greasebeam) and his colleague.

This book is beautiful and vastly entertaining. I love the large illustrations of each dragon! I think that the fabulous picture of the Welsh Red Dragon is my favourite, but the beautiful image of two Eastern Temple Worms is a very close second! Besides the beautiful dragon illustrations, there are wonderful stylized borders along the bottom of each page illustrating the adventures described in that letter. The nice thing about them is that besides summarizing all of the important (and funny) events described in the letters these borders also give us more information (like what is happening to the recipient back home). This really rounds out what would otherwise be a very simple story.

This is a rather unusual, but wonderful book by Graeme Base. I highly recommend checking it out!

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