New Dolls – Verana, Project Runway and More!

I have four more pixel dolls today. The first one is a mini Barbie doll wearing one of the Cali Girl fashions. The second and third dolls are more designs from Project Runway. The one with actual colour is Daniel F.’s and the muslin coloured one is Daniel V.’s. Both are from the “Six Yards of Muslin” challenge in episode 1 of this season. The last doll is probably my favourite of this batch. It’s my current D&D character, Verana. She’s an elven rogue and you can learn all about her at the Shackled City Wiki.

Cali Girl Barbie FashionDaniel F.\'s Six Yards of Muslin DressDaniel V. Six Yards of Muslin ChallengeVerana

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