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Ok, I got an advance reader copy of a book called The Nymphos of Rocky Flats. It’s written by Mario Acevedo and it is his first book. The website is here, but it doesn’t have a whole lot on it (it does have the passage below). What I wanted to post about this book was the blurb on the back. Keep in mind that I haven’t read this book (and haven’t really thought about doing so, as it doesn’t appeal to me that much, but who knows? I might get drunk one night and then it might sound really good). The blurb just made me laugh. That said, I’ve read books before that were fantastic but had horrid back blurbs. Basically, I’m just saying that I’m not judging the book because I haven’t read it. I just found the back funny.


Felix Gomez went to Iraq a soldier. He came back a vampire.

Now a private investigator, he finds himself pulled into a web of intrigue when an old friend prompts him to investigate an outbreak of nymphomania at the secret government facilities in Rocky Flats. He’ll find out the cause of all these horny women or die trying. But first he must contend with the shadowy government agents, Eastern European vampire hunters, and women who just want his body…

Skewering sexual myths, conspiracy fables, and government bureaucracy, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats reveals the bizarre world of the undead with a humorous slant and a fresh twist.

If you know me and are interested, ask me about the copy I have if you want it. The book is coming out in March.

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