Runway Thoughts: Donna Karan

Today I want to look at Donna Karan‘s signature line. I always have trouble with Donna Karan. I don’t know if there is just something weird about my taste or what, but I really don’t understand her designs. They are all over the map and I often wonder what she actually designed about them. That said, this wasn’t an awful show.


There were a lot of coats in this collection. I don’t know why I picked this one in particular to show since many of them pretty much looked like this. Some of them were more coat-dress like than this one, but most had similar shapes and details. Almost the entire collection was black and white. That seems to be a theme this season and, while I appreciate that it makes it easier to mix and match from many different lines, it does get rather boring.


Another element that popped up in many of the designs in this show was sheer fabric (like on the chest here). In some cases this worked. I think that it looks good on this suit, although I wonder what kind of office this would be appropriate for. Some of the designs with sheer fabric came out looking more gothy than she probably intended. I like the suit (although I usually prefer more tailored suits), but I swear I’ve seen it in lots of other places. It’s really the sheer part that makes it different, and I think that would be the first thing to go if I ever intended to actually wear this.


Probably my least favourite pieces in this show were the ones like this dress with strange side cut-outs. The idea of these cut-outs is pretty sound (they are usually intended to make the wearer appear more slim), but it just doesn’t look right here. Maybe the cut-out is too big or the angles aren’t right, I don’t honestly know. The problem is that they make the models look cut freakishly. It makes me think of really blocky cartoon characters. It’s very unattractive and makes me want to feed the girls a cheeseburger even more than I otherwise want to!

Overall I was very underwhelmed by this collection. Parts of it felt very underdesigned while others, like the cut-out dress above, felt overdesigned! The combination is very strange and it just kind of rubs me wrong. I can see potential in some of these pieces, but I really would like to see more.

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